Executives need data to make the right decisions. Workers need data to take the right actions. Trading partners need data to deliver the right inventory to the right place at the right time. You can’t afford any delay in communication or disconnected data transmission. Yet most supply chains lack the right ERP and business system connections to create a complete “decision network” between you and your trading partners. 
In this webinar, you’ll learn how a centrally-applied Supply Chain Orchestration platform provides the “missing link” so that you can more easily setup and manage direct connections with every supplier and automate every workflow without having to re-engineer any business processes. In fact, Supply Chain Orchestration is the best way to:

  • Gain complete operational visibility
  • Facilitate supplier collaboration and manage all supplier relationships in a single portal
  • Achieve a more efficient "manage by exception" environment
  • Enjoy confidence in your business decisions

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Featuring: Brad Huff, EVP & GM, TAKE Supply Chain & Jason Stegent, Founder & President, Elastic Solutions

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Brad Huff, EVP & GM, TAKE Supply Chain

Brad Huff is executive vice president / general manager of TAKE Supply Chain and leverages over 20 years of experience in enterprise supply chain solutions to oversee North America operations. He is responsible for leading the business strategy and overall growth of customer, partner, and industry relationships. Most recently, Brad served as VP of Sales for TAKE, where he is credited with architecting the expansion of the relationship footprint with the customer base.

In more than 12 years of working with enterprise manufacturing companies, he has seen supply chain operations mature from a minor focus to a core business function. AT JDE and PeopleSoft, Brad worked with clients to implement an initial ERP system in order to improve execution inside the four walls. At that time many companies had a few key suppliers they worked with, so their main focus was on improving internal operations.

Over time, supply chains have become much more complex through globalization, specialization and outsourcing. With that complexity comes the need for software to help manage, automate and optimize those supply chains to continue to control costs and increase value. Brad is passionate about TAKE Supply Chain’s mission to help those companies achieve their goals.

Prior to joining TAKE, Brad served in progressive management and sales roles with leading enterprise solution providers such as IBM, Sterling Commerce, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards.

Jason Stegent, Founder & President, Elastic Solutions

Jason Stegent is the Founder and President of Elastic Solutions, a provider of webinar-based marketing solutions and lead generation services that increase target audience engagement, drive more qualified leads and improve overall pipeline value. In this role, Stegent drives revenue generation, marketing, customer support, partner relationships and the creative vision for the Elastic Solutions suite of products and services - Elastic Events, Elastic Meetings and Elastic Marketing. He can be reached at jstegent@elasticroi.com