Solving the Patient Revenue Problem

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The debate is over. Continuing to try and chase patients for payment 1, 2, 4, 8, 12 months after treatment simply does not work. Not one of the 20 or so vendors offering patient portals, auto payment plans, advanced estimating solutions or any other tool has demonstrated better than a net 15% collection rate. Most of these programs operate in the 2-5% collection rate. VestaPay, on the other hand, has completed 2.5 years of live operations in a 100 bed rural hospital and has proven a 67% patient revenue secured rate over the last 12 months for the calendar year ending in 2018.

Join us on Wednesday, February 13th at 1 PM Central for our next webinar - Solving the Patient Revenue Problem. Featuring Doug Bilbrey, VP of Sales at VestaCare, and Ray Chase, VP of National Accounts at VestaCare, hospital executives should attend this webinar to understand the exciting technologies, advanced processes and disciplines that have been applied to not only achieve these remarkable results, but to repeat these results in a second hospital deployment. The session will end with a fast-paced Q&A.

It is no longer necessary to tolerate patient revenue losses. The results for your hospital will be a dramatic increase in cash and recognizable revenue, all while greatly improving your patients' financial satisfaction for being treated at your facility. We look forward to 'seeing' you at this webinar.

Date: February 13, 2019 (Wednesday)

Time: 1:00 PM Central Time

Featuring: Doug Bilbrey, VP Sales, VestaCare; & Ray Chase, VP National Accounts, VestaCare

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Doug Bilbrey, VP Sales, VestaCare

Doug Bilbrey has worked in the healthcare revenue cycle space since the late 1980’s working with hospitals and vendors. He has held positions in product development, operations, and sales and marketing. He also served as president of The Cooperative Exchange and participated in several industry committees including HFMA, Medical Banking, and HBMA. Prior to joining VestaCare, he held executive sales and management level positions with Patient Matters, MedAssist, Boston Software, and The SSI Group, Inc.

Ray Chase, VP National Accounts, VestaCare

Ray has over 25 years of revenue cycle experience and is a recognized subject matter expert. He comes to VestaCare after his recent engagement with Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI).   At CHI Ray served as the VP of Revenue Cycle where he had operational oversight over 9 of the 16 hospitals in the Texas Division of CHI. Prior to CHI, Ray managed the Revenue Cycle functions for three years at the Seha’s Al Ain hospital in Abu Dhabi. Ray led this hospital to become the best financially performing facility of all hospitals in the city of Ai Ain.