The Patient is the New Payor!

How to Dramatically Improve Patient Revenue While Increasing Patient Satisfaction

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Jonathan Wiik, Author of “The Patient is the New Payor” teams up with Tom Brekka, CEO of VestaCare, creator of the VestaPay Time of Service Patient Payment Management System, in presenting a ground-breaking approach to transforming how to secure patient revenue while improving patient satisfaction.

With patients now responsible for as much as 35% of hospital revenues, yet paying their balances only 15% of the time, there is a financial crisis of significant proportion occurring in hospitals across the country. No longer can conventional approaches of collecting co-pays and a portion of deductibles at time of service, then “chasing” the patient after the insurance is billed and a statement generated, suffice to solve this problem. 100% of the patient’s known and unknown liability must be secured at time of service or before. How is that possible you might ask? When you can “prevent patient revenue losses by securing 100% of known and unknown liability at time of service you make dramatic improvements in patient revenues generated”, says Tom Brekka.

This webinar session will show you proven solutions that apply unique and powerful technologies and human behavior management approaches to solve this problem. We’ll end the webinar with a fast-paced Q&A. This will be a highly educational, leading edge presentation you don’t want to miss. We look forward to ‘seeing’ you there.

Date: On-Demand!

Time: On-Demand!

Featuring: Jonathan Wiik, Principal - Healthcare Strategy, TransUnion Healthcare; Tom Brekka, CEO, VestaCare; & Ray Chase, VP National Accounts, VestaCare

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Jonathan Wiik, MSHA, MBA, Principal - Healthcare Strategy, TransUnion Healthcare

Jonathan Wiik brings over 20 years’ of health care experience serving in the acute care, insurance, and business solution settings. As an active advocate of legislative changes to evolve the healthcare industry, Wiik recently authored Healthcare Revolution: The Patient is the New Payer, and is a public speaker frequently at national and state events. He has developed several nationally - recognized programs in revenue cycle. Mr. Wiik is an officer on the Colorado HFMA Board and President of the Board of Directors at an assisted living facility. Jonathan currently serves as a Principal of Healthcare Strategy at TransUnion Healthcare.

Tom Brekka, CEO, VestaCare

Tom Brekka has thirty years’ experience leading and managing high tech companies serving the healthcare industry. He has raised a combined $45 million in private and corporate investment capital across those companies. Having founded VestaCare in 1999, Mr. Brekka leads the business development and product innovation planning for the Company. Mr. Brekka spearheaded the launch of VestaCare’s newest product, “VestaPay”, which is a Patient Payment Management solution helping hospitals avoid losses due to the major shift in revenue from Payor to Patients and to enable patients to better afford their healthcare.

Ray Chase, VP National Accounts, VestaCare

Ray has over 25 years of revenue cycle experience and is a recognized subject matter expert. He comes to VestaCare after his recent engagement with Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI).   At CHI Ray served as the VP of Revenue Cycle where he had operational oversight over 9 of the 16 hospitals in the Texas Division of CHI. Prior to CHI, Ray managed the Revenue Cycle functions for three years at the Seha’s Al Ain hospital in Abu Dhabi. Ray led this hospital to become the best financially performing facility of all hospitals in the city of Ai Ain.