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For decades, the retail industry stood strong. Retailers emerged fairly unscathed during the first wave of the internet in the ’90s because consumers still, by and large, chose to shop in physical stores staffed with employees that strived to provide customer service. So, it was business as usual with a small number of wary execs cautiously eyeing the growing shift toward ecommerce.

Today, ecommerce is booming and still has plenty of room to grow. Ecommerce giants like Amazon, Ebay and Walmart online easily bypass traditional business models where manufacturers sell to wholesalers, who then sell to distributors and retailers, who finally sell to the end customer.

In our latest webcast series, Russel Beron will uncover the top 4 reasons WHY ecommerce is starting to dominate brick and mortar store fronts and WHAT traditional retailers can do now to help prevent losing large percentages of market share.

Just a taste of what we plan to cover:

  • Why Ecommerce retail is more agile
  • Speed –What is allowing ecommerce to move 10X faster than traditional Retail
  • Why traditional retailers have an uphill battle to source direct
  • Why Ecommerce is still undeveloped in North America and what that means for the traditional brick & mortar stores

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Featuring: Russel Beron, Entrepreneur/Product Evangelist,

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Russel Beron, Entrepreneur/Product Evangelist,

Russel Beron is an entrepreneur that has been honing his skill set for over 30 years, focused on selling private brand products through multiple online channels including Amazon, Best-Buy, eBay and his own ecommerce websites. Russel has proven business cases that win, and is now disrupting the DIY industry and the way people buy lighting. Russel’s background includes successes in B2B and B2C marketing in the retail, sourcing and supply chain space. Russel spent over 10 years working in Shanghai, China, Hong Kong and now resides in Toronto, Canada. Russel brings a wealth of knowledge, both from a professional background as well as, his educational background, where he holds a Master of Arts and Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Toronto.