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The COVID-19 outbreak has upended global supply chains. Finance and sourcing executives find themselves in a 3-way tug-of-war between their own corporate working capital goals, the needs of their suppliers, and their customers' demands. Many lack tools and connectivity to maintain control.

Join this panel with Infor, Standard Chartered Bank, and RTS International as they discuss the state of supply chains given on-going risks around capital and suppliers, and potential solutions that can be deployed now.

The panel will cover:

  • The current race to raise capital, mitigate risks and battle through the downturn
  • The impacts on suppliers
  • Programs and practices to push back against the uncertainty and risk
  • Supply chain strategies to position business for scalable growth when demand rebounds

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  • Gary Schneider, VP Financial Services, Infor
  • Jonathan Emkes, Director of Sales and Operations, RTS International
  • Michael Sugirin, Global Head, Open Account Trade, Ecosystem & Trade Implementation, Standard Chartered Bank

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Gary Schneider, VP Financial Services, Infor

Gary Schneider is Vice President of Sales for Infor.  In this role he manages all numerous relationships with financial services providers as well as a global team of professionals who support the license and servicing of a variety of supply chain financing products. Gary has been at Infor since 2000 and has been closely engaged with customers using the financial supply chain solutions. Gary joined Infor from CGI, an international business and information technology consulting firm.  Gary was part of the corporate banking practice and was responsible for delivering trade finance solutions for many of the top international trade banks.

Jonathan Emkes, Director of Sales and Operations, RTS International

Jonathan joined RTS International in 2017 to lead the company’s business development efforts in South America. In 2018, he took on a new role as Director of Sales and Operations and is responsible for managing the company’s international sales growth initiatives. He works with RTS stakeholders from all around the world to create innovative financial solutions for vendors. Additionally, he oversees the operations team responsible for managing the day-to-day transactions for our global customers. Prior to working with RTS, Jonathan served in various roles across different industries, developing extensive experience in Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

Michael Sugirin, Global Head, Open Account Trade, Ecosystem & Trade Implementation, Standard Chartered Bank

Michael joined Standard Chartered in September 2014 as Head of Transaction Banking for Indonesia. In March 2018, he has assumed the new role as Global Head, Open Account Trade & Trade Implementation at Standard Chartered, based in Singapore.

In his current role he is responsible for the development for supply chain finance, receivable finance, payable finance and commodity finance product suites. He also looks after the trade implementation practice which oversees implementing complex client or platform projects. This also includes the enrolment of spokes for buyer and supplier finance programs globally.

Michael is a global transaction banker with extensive experience in sales advisory and product management in the supply chain finance space. He has spent 15 years with Deutsche Bank and 3 years with JPMorgan. Michael has worked in Jakarta, Singapore and New York.