PERCS - Patient Self Registration with COVID-19

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Our new Personal ER Check-in System (PERCS) enables the majority of patients to use their own mobile device for registration in the ER. With PERCS, patients can register in advance for a visit to the ER — or even at time of arrival. It provides a further physical buffering between patients and staff while increasing registration capacity by 100 to 200%.  The solution can also be deployed in other high volume patient registration locations such as labs, main admitting, etc.

The VestaPay PERCS system will directly increase your team's capacity to handle a full onslaught of the virus.

We're hosting a critical 30-minute webinar on Thursday, March 26th at 11:00a PDT / 1:00p CDT / 2:00P EDT – PERCSPatient Self-Registration with COVID-19 - and we urge you to join us.

Preparations for COVID-19 patients in your ER should rely primarily on "self-registration" functions where the majority of patients are able to use whatever mobile device they have available to pre-register for a visit to the ER, or at time of arrival in the ER self-register themselves.  This offers a number of crucial benefits to your hospital:

1) Staff-to-Patient engagement is minimized, helping to prevent transfer of infection and subsequent loss of key staff resources to the illness particularly at a critical rise in the number of cases presenting.

2) Bi-directional text message advises patients on the best protocols to following in deciding to go to your hospitals’ ER.

3) Patient pre-screening via VestaPay messaging, chat and video engagement will help to guide patients into the most appropriate care pathways. CDC questionnaire submitted to your patients gives early warning to your hospital of the growing level of patient illnesses in your communities and the volumes of expected patient arrivals.  

4) Patients are able to self-register for their visit to your ER, a process which begins prior to the patient's arrival as well as upon arrival to the ER.  

5) Staff effectiveness is multiplied 10-20x, meaning for every one patient that requires direct staff registration another 10-20 patients are self-registering.

6) Waiting room times are reduced and clinically urgent patients are triaged into treatment more quickly.

7) Patients are prioritized and engaged through a complete workflow continuum including pre-EMTALA through post-EMTALA steps.

8) Post EMTALA patient charge estimating, benefits confirmation and payment enrollment secures all patient financial liability while alleviating patient fears over affordability.  VestaPay uses the same mobile capability to complete these final steps.

This solution can be deployed in two weeks with immediate efficacy across your hospital ERs.  Using our VestaPay intelligent robotics, conventional EHR integration is not required, but your ER is updated instantly with the completed mobile registration data.

VestaPay is the only fully integrated solution that encompasses all of the above steps into one seamless patient engagement.  

We welcome you to attend this webinar and submit any questions you may have.  Also, please feel free to extend this invitation to your ER, Patient Access and any other key operations management personnel.

The webinar will be made available on-demand immediately following the live date.


Date: On Demand

Time: On Demand

Featuring: Tom Brekka, CEO, VestaCare & Lisa Knappenberger, Director of Product, VestaCare & Ray Chase, VP National Accounts, VestaCare

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Tom Brekka, CEO, VestaCare

Lisa Knappenberger, Director of Product, VestaCare

Ray Chase, VP National Accounts, VestaCare