How Missouri Delta Improved Hospital Revenue Without Sending Patients to Collections

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Through deployment of a new mobile patient communications platform Missouri Delta Medical Center (MDMC) has driven immediate improvement in patient cash. The solution differs from other revenue cycle methods by offering patients a DISCREET and FAST platform for paying their bill or enrolling in an AutoPay plan. MDMC applied the solution at key points in the patient episode of care.

Results were exceptional and achieved in days versus weeks with other approaches that also delivered lessor results.

Featuring Tom Brekka, CEO of VestaCare and Greg Carda, CFO at MDMC, by attending this webinar you will learn:

   a) Changing the patient communication approach achieves breakthroughs in patient receptivity

   b) Making the solution really FAST, not just easy to use, allows patients to get their payments applied now,

   c) Offering patients a discreet way to communicate about their liabilities avoids embarrassment and shame, greatly improving results.

And much more. Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, July 29th at 11:00am PT.

Date: On Demand

Time: On Demand

Featuring: Tom Brekka, CEO, VestaCare & Greg Carda, CFO, MDMC

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Tom Brekka, CEO, VestaCare

Tom Brekka has thirty years` experience leading and managing high tech companies serving the healthcare industry.  He has raised a combined $45 million in private and corporate investment capital across those companies.

Having founded VestaCare in 1999, Mr. Brekka leads the business development and product innovation planning for the Company.   Mr. Brekka spearheaded the launch of VestaCare’s newest product, “VestaPay”, which is a Patient Payment Management solution helping hospitals avoid losses due to the major shift in revenue from Payor to Patients and to enable patients to better afford their healthcare.

Greg Carda, CFO, MDMC

Since 2015, Greg Carda has served as the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Missouri Delta Medical Center (MDMC) in Sikeston, Missouri. MDMC is a 144-bed, not-for-profit, sole community hospital providing comprehensive medical services in more than 25 different areas at over 21 clinics in Southeast Missouri. Missouri Delta has over 800 employees with an annual payroll exceeding $56 million and an operating budget of approximately $100 million.

Greg is responsible for the financial leadership and planning of MDMC. Cash management, financing, financial reporting and coordination of operational strategy with financial planning comprise his primary job duties.  He reports to the CEO of  MDMC and works closely with the CEO and Board of Directors to establish strategic direction supporting the organizations financial and operating goals.