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In the engineering services industry, we understand the silos of execution, characterized by disparate, insufficient systems and a lack of integrated business process, carry a very high cost. These costs are not only hidden, but they are also found in performance latency that ultimately impacts customer satisfaction. A lack of visibility throughout your process of execution leads to an assumption of greater risk, a loss of stakeholder trust, and less profitable growth. 

Join us on November 16th to hear from Linda Taddonio (CFO and Senior Product Strategist at Agile Frameworks), Stephanie Hooton (Senior Process Engineer at Agile Frameworks), and Brad Wieck (Solution Engineer at Agile Frameworks) on how the impact of your data decisions can drive out the silos of execution that plague your business operations. 

In 45 minutes or less, you will gain valuable insights on: 

  • The importance of speed of delivery 
  • Getting it right (the first time) 
  • Maintaining control and productivity 

Date: On Demand

Time: On Demand

Featuring: Linda Taddonio, Chief Product Strategist, Agile Frameworks & Stephanie Hooton, Senior Process Engineer, Agile Frameworks & Brad Wieck, Solution Engineer, Agile Frameworks

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Linda Taddonio, Chief Product Strategist, Agile Frameworks

Linda is passionate about helping organizations transition to digital businesses, transforming from the inside out by educating executives, leveraging technology, streamlining processes, empowering people, and harnessing data. Linda’s 25+ years of experience covers eBusiness and Digital Strategy Consulting, eCommerce architecture expertise and implementation work, extensive ERP implementation and business process re-engineering consulting, financial management as a CPA and CFO, and building commercial insights for educational and marketing purposes.

Stephanie Hooton, Senior Process Engineer, Agile Frameworks

Stephanie enjoys utilizing her 30 years of operations, financial and ERP system experience in the AE industry to help Professional Service firms improve their internal processes and maximize efficiency through automation. Specialties include: System Administration, Integration and Implementation; Deltek Vision and Vantagepoint; Mergers & Acquisitions; Business Analysis; Accounting and Finance; and Training and End User Support.

Brad Wieck, Solution Engineer, Agile Frameworks

Brad has extensive experience in customizing business solutions across multiple industries, including construction, environmental, and non-destructive testing, as well as leading on-site and remote implementations for new customers. Brad works with customers and prospects to ensure success and ROI on implementing cloud-based SaaS products. He demonstrates excellent customer service skills with deep knowledge of the products, solutions, while working closely with all team members to oversee and execute the deployment process and to ultimately achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.