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When it comes to some of the more provocative challenges in the engineering services vertical today, a big one is market conditions. Demand is growing, especially considering Congress recently passed the massive infrastructure bill (November 15, 2021). The opportunity in engineering services is sitting at our feet for an untold number of years to come; however, many would argue equally offsetting that opportunity is the challenge to acquire and retain the employees required to perform the work. 

However, an antiquated solution is to think the only way to ramp up business is to hire more people. The labor shortage has presented an opportunity for engineering services firms to expand their business not by increasing headcount, but rather by investing in technology, embracing change, and applying lean business strategies.     

So, what would happen if we decided to embrace the labor shortage issue rather than fight it like a looming plague? The reality is, we would profit and grow from it.  

Hear from Allan Bush, CEO and President at Alpha-Omega Geotech, and Adam Jones, Chief Customer Officer of Agile Frameworks, on how to modernize your business processes through technology while overcoming the labor shortage challenge. 

In 45 minutes or less, you will gain valuable insights on how leveraging technology can: 

  1. Improve operational efficiency without adding headcount 
  2. Create a competitive advantage 
  3. Position your firm to win more business and larger-scale projects 

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Featuring: Allan Bush, CEO and President, Alpha-Omega Geotech & Adam Jones, Chief Customer Officer, Agile Frameworks

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Allan Bush, CEO and President, Alpha-Omega Geotech

Allan has deep insight into the inner workings of soil and subsurface conditions in Kansas and Missouri. He has an eye for perfection and cares deeply about the future of Kansas City. Alpha-Omega has been Allan’s home from the beginning – from his first resume out of college, his first interview, his first job, and after proving his capabilities at AOG, he became a first-time business owner and now leads the organization as president. He loves learning and innovation – always looking for the opportunity to empower the new generation of geotechnical engineers with the older generation’s experience. 

Adam Jones, Chief Customer Officer, Agile Frameworks

Adam is an experienced software leader with a demonstrated history of driving customer success using enterprise software. He has a proven track record of implementing complex IT software implementations, defining project management standards, and tracking financials related to company-wide professional services. Adam is currently the Chief Customer Officer at Agile Frameworks, where he oversees the day-to-day operations of the firm pertaining to new customer implementations, ongoing customer success, and technical support. Previous to his current role, Adam served as Chief Operating Officer at Agile Frameworks.