Warehousing 401 – Five Truths Every Supply Chain Executive Should Know

NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND - Learn Five Important Truths in Just 15 Minutes!

Leveraging lessons learned from Tier 1 CPG organizations like P&G, General Mills, Nestlé, Unilever and others, Tom Moore and Jeff Potts of AutoScheduler will provide an executive level deep dive on five things you can do to improve your warehousing strategy right now. All in 15 short minutes.

  1. The USA approach: understand and simplify before you automate.
  2. Enable your best employees: your WMS doesn’t manage -- people do and they need help.
  3. Data driven decision making: tie data from Transportation, ERP, WMS, YMS, etc. together to coordinate activities in and around your distribution center
  4. Warehouse-friendly ordering: working with customers to make replenishment and  fulfillment easier.
  5. Innovate intelligently: Start slowly with one facility. Get proven results, then implement other locations.

We’ll end with a fast-paced Q&A session. We look forward to seeing you on June 9th!

Date: On Demand

Time: On Demand

Featuring: Jeff Potts, Chief Revenue Officer, AutoScheduler.AI & Thomas A. Moore, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, AutoScheduler.AI

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Jeff Potts, Chief Revenue Officer, AutoScheduler.AI

Jeff Potts is the Chief Revenue Officer of AutoScheduler.AI and a long-time (35 years) industry veteran who co-founded LeanLogistics, the first TMS offered as a true SaaS platform. Jeff served as a corporate officer and Board Member through LeanLogistics acquisition by Brambles Limited in 2008 and maintaining VP roles through Lean`s acquisition by Kewill Systems in 2016, rebranded as BluJay Solutions, and finally E2open. He currently is on the Supply Chain Management Advisory Board at Quinlan School of Business at Loyola University Chicago. Jeff graduated from Michigan State University with a BA Degree in Material & Logistics Management. He received Merchant Mariner Credentials for the U.S. Coast Guard and has Transportation Workers Identification Credentials with the Transportation Security Administration. Jeff received a patent in 2000 for Methods and apparatus for connecting shippers and carriers in the third-party logistics environment via the Internet. 

Thomas A. Moore, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, AutoScheduler.AI

Tom Moore is a 35-year supply chain veteran who has created a niche focused on bringing more advanced mathematics to the supply chain space. Tom has developed advanced load-building technology (Transportation | Warehouse Optimization) and advanced distribution and planning technology (ProvisionAI). He has contributed significantly to the operations of myriad CPG companies worldwide, including the innovative idea of taking a battle-tested technology developed for Procter & Gamble and spinning it into a new organization, AutoScheduler.AI. In doing this, Tom built a team of some of the most successful supply chain and machine learning professionals across multiple industries. This talented team, guided by Tom`s leadership, is focused on creating the warehouse of the future with their customers – bringing predictive and prescriptive orchestration to all operational activities to streamline operations and save money. Previously Tom worked as a consultant for P&G. He graduated from St. Bede`s College, Christchurch, NZ, and received a degree in Operations Research from the University of Canterbury.