How Today’s Retailers are Modernizing eCommerce Fulfillment Operations

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Berkshire Grey and Elastic Solutions recently partnered on an industry study to understand what retailers are doing to modernize their eCommerce fulfillment strategies and run more efficient, profitable operations. We’re now bringing you the results!

Please join us for ‘How Today’s Retailers are Modernizing eCommerce Fulfillment Operations.’ Featuring Bryan Dsouza, Head of Product Marketing at Berkshire Grey, and Jason Stegent, Founder and President at Elastic Solutions, we’ll share highlights from the survey, including:

  •  As it pertains to annual budget for warehouse operations and maintenance, respondents stated that almost 50% is spent on labor
  • Over 70% of respondents confirming their most important fulfillment goal moving forward is to improve accuracy of picks and sortation

In this 45-minute webinar, you will also learn:

  • What leading retailers are doing to scale their eCommerce operations profitably, in the face of growing consumer demands and strains on supply chain ecosystems
  • The most important goals for retail executives right now as they look to improve eCommerce fulfillment operations efficiency
  • The leading automation solutions that retailers are leveraging to drive efficiency and streamline business operations
  • Why advanced automation is the key for retailers to significantly improve eCommerce fulfillment operations moving forward

We’ll end with a fast paced live Q&A session. Please enjoy the presentation!

Date: On Demand

Time: On Demand

Featuring: Bryan Dsouza, Head of Product & Industry Marketing, Berkshire Grey & Jason Stegent, Founder and President, Elastic Solutions

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Bryan Dsouza, Head of Product & Industry Marketing, Berkshire Grey

Bryan is Berkshire Grey’s Head of Product & Industry Marketing. He works closely with customers, engineering, and solution architects to ensure Go-to-Market strategy is aligned with customer value delivery. Bryan has led product management and product marketing teams in his prior experience at Microsoft and Grammarly. He has expertise in SaaS, PaaS, and robotics.

Jason Stegent, Founder and President, Elastic Solutions

Jason Stegent is the Founder and President of Elastic Solutions, a provider of digital event and targeted demand generation solutions that enable marketers to extend their reach, significantly increase audience engagement, and drive more pipeline. In this role, Stegent oversees revenue generation, marketing, customer support, partner relationships, and the creative vision for the Elastic Solutions suite of products and services - Elastic Events, Elastic Meetings and Elastic Marketing. He can be reached at