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Content is no longer king…quality content is. But how can you bundle all your top-notch content into a single hub that makes it easier for your customers and prospects to consume, while at the same time equipping your team with better audience insight?

To find out, you don’t want to miss “Introducing Elastic Universities: Demand Generation Content Hubs”. We’ll provide a brief demo of the Elastic Universities solution, and highlight how you can drive deeper audience engagement and better demand generation results with this new offering. What will be covered?

  • How to properly setup, customize, and promote your University for optimal results
  • The content formats that will drive the most audience engagement and provide the best insights for your business
  • The real-time reporting and analytics that Elastic Universities offers, enabling you to track user engagement 24/7/365
  • How to create a University that strengthens customer relationships and generates qualified leads

We’ll end with a fast-paced Q&A session. 

Date: On Demand

Time: On Demand

Featuring: Jason Stegent, President & Founder, Elastic Solutions & Alan Atkins, Director of Digital Events, Elastic Solutions

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Jason Stegent, President & Founder, Elastic Solutions

Jason Stegent is the Founder and President of Elastic Solutions, a provider of digital event and targeted demand generation solutions that enable marketers to extend their reach, significantly increase audience engagement, and drive more pipeline. In this role, Stegent oversees revenue generation, marketing, customer support, partner relationships, and the creative vision for the Elastic Solutions suite of products and services - Elastic Events, Elastic Meetings and Elastic Marketing. He can be reached at 

Alan Atkins, Director of Digital Events, Elastic Solutions

Alan Atkins is the Director of Digital Events at Elastic Solutions. In this role, he helps direct the technology roadmap for the Elastic Solutions virtual event and webcast offerings. He is also tasked with overseeing all digital events and ensuring every customer is having a first-class experience that meets expectations. He can be reached at