How to Improve Inbound Supply Chain Visibility to Reduce Inventory Out-of-Stocks

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Your supply chain is more unpredictable than ever. According to a recent study by the IHL Group, “Consumers say 1 in 5 items they wish to buy is out-of-stock at their local retailer,” resulting in “over $340B in sales losses in North America due to out-of-stocks and overstocks.” Merchants, Category Managers, and Supply chain professionals struggle to manage out-of-stocks due to a lack of inbound visibility across their enterprises. But there is a better way.

To find out, you don’t want to miss How to Improve Inbound Supply Chain Visibility to Reduce Inventory Out-of-Stocks - Now Available On-Demand. Traverse Systems, along with Jay Kent, Supply Chain Strategist and former Chief Supply Chain Officer for some of the most complex supply chains, will provide an overview of the visibility challenges faced by companies today and their unique approach to solving them. What will be covered?

  • How events that don’t occur in the supply chain can drive out-of-stocks just as unforeseen disruptions do and how to identify them.
  • The importance of purchase order and SKU-level visibility to merchandise plan execution.
  • Why transportation level-only visibility systems create blind spots in the supply chain, leading to lost sales opportunities. 
  • How real-time visibility to inbound shipments can effectively manage events, including ads,  promotional events, new store openings, and unexpected disruptions like weather events.

We’ll end with a fast-paced Q&A session. Enjoy the presentation.


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Featuring: Jay Kent, Supply Chain Strategist, SLB Performance & Greg Holder, Co-Founder & CEO, Traverse Systems & Richard Wilhjelm, VP Sales & Marketing, Traverse Systems & Kip Kopelke, Sales Engineer , Traverse Systems

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Jay Kent, Supply Chain Strategist, SLB Performance

Jay has more than 25 years of experience in growth and turn-around companies with deep expertise in supply chain, global/domestic transportation, operations, omni-channel, retail B2B, 3rd party logistics, vendor management, manufacturing (nutraceutical and pharmaceutical), raw material procurement, contract sales, industrial engineering, inventory planning/allocation, technology development, wholesale and C-Suite executive leadership for medium to Fortune 150 companies.


Greg Holder, Co-Founder & CEO, Traverse Systems

An Industrial Engineer by trade, Greg Holder believes that engineering standards and procedures are the foundation of any supply chain operation.

Greg managed supply chain operations and ran distribution centers at major retail brands including Dillards and Stage Stores before co-founding Traverse Systems. Over the last two decades Greg has designed and developed leading software solutions that optimize supply chain performance across a growing number of verticals.

A problem solver at heart and self-diagnosed workaholic, Greg enjoys watching Oklahoma football and Kansas basketball with his best friend and wife of more than 20 years.

Richard Wilhjelm, VP Sales & Marketing, Traverse Systems

Richard Wilhjelm currently serves as VP, Sales & Marketing for Traverse Systems, a platform for automating bidirectional visibility in enterprise supply chains. He is responsible for strengthening executive-level relationships with customers and key prospects. Richard has over 30 years of sales and marketing experience in the supply chain software industry. 

Kip Kopelke, Sales Engineer , Traverse Systems

In his role as Sales Engineer for Traverse Systems, Kip Kopelke serves as the liaison between the customer and Traverse Systems, a suite of solutions that deliver a unified understanding of entire supply chain. With over 20 years of retail experience, he is dedicated to identifying strategic areas of opportunity with customers and guiding them through Traverse Systems resources that will lead to improved performance. Prior to Traverse, Kip has held Merchandising, Training & Development, and Supply Chain roles with Kohl`s Department Stores.