3 Part Series: 20-Minute Takeaways from Gartner 2022

Welcome to the 3-Part Flash Webinar Series: our take on hot topics discussed at Gartner this year! In this series, we analyze critical elements of the supply chain and share tips and tricks we've learned from our numerous Fortune 500 customers that will help you get ahead.

  • Part 1: Fighting Inflation -- 3 techniques you can use to keep from directly passing costs to customers. In this webinar, we'll discuss how inflation has created new challenges for your operations. NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND
  • Part 2: Creating Offset Strategies - In this session, we'll share insights on shifting the burden of decision making to computers to help reduce information overload. NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND 
  • Part 3: Understanding Artificial Intelligence in the Supply Chain - Learn about AI from a practical perspective from an experienced professor at the University of Arkansas and ex-Nestle supply chain analytics leader, Andrew Gibson. We'll discuss how machine learning drives true value in the supply chain, how to leverage your data effectively, and some tricks for picking projects that are more likely to be successful. NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND

You will not want to miss this informative series. By registering for any session in this series you will be registered for all. We will send reminders for each session. Thank you and enjoy the webinars!

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Featuring: Jeff Potts, Chief Revenue Officer, AutoScheduler.AI & Keith Moore, Chief Product Officer, AutoScheduler.AI

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**Please note that there is no dial-in option for attendees. The webcast audio will be heard through your computer's speakers. If the audio is still not loud enough for you, headphones are recommended**


Jeff Potts, Chief Revenue Officer, AutoScheduler.AI

Jeff Potts is the Chief Revenue Officer of AutoScheduler.AI and a long-time (35 years) industry veteran who co-founded LeanLogistics, the first TMS offered as a true SaaS platform. Jeff served as a corporate officer and Board Member through LeanLogistics acquisition by Brambles Limited in 2008 and maintaining VP roles through Lean`s acquisition by Kewill Systems in 2016, rebranded as BluJay Solutions, and finally E2open. He currently is on the Supply Chain Management Advisory Board at Quinlan School of Business at Loyola University Chicago. Jeff graduated from Michigan State University with a BA Degree in Material & Logistics Management. He received Merchant Mariner Credentials for the U.S. Coast Guard and has Transportation Workers Identification Credentials with the Transportation Security Administration. Jeff received a patent in 2000 for Methods and apparatus for connecting shippers and carriers in the third-party logistics environment via the Internet. 

Keith Moore, Chief Product Officer, AutoScheduler.AI

Keith Moore is the Chief Product Officer for AutoScheduler.AI. He spends most of his time working with his customers to deliver supply chain solutions focused on driving efficiency in distribution centers. As the CPO of AutoScheduler.AI, Moore’s focus is in creating the future with the prescriptive warehouse.  

Moore was voted by Hart Energy Magazine as an Energy Innovator of the Year in 2020. He was also selected as a Pi Kappa Phi 30 under 30 member, and holds multiple patents in the fields of neural architecture search and supply chain planning. Moore has been published by journals and groups like ISSA and OTC for his work in both cyber security and predictive maintenance applications.  

Prior to venturing into the supply chain business, Moore was a Director of Product Management at SparkCognition, where he helped to raise over $120M in capital and grow the business to one of the largest start-ups in the Austin area. Moore attended the University of Tennessee, where he received a bachelor of science in Mechanical Engineering. He was bad at mechanical engineering, and proceeded immediately to a life in software.