Flawless logistics is profitable, green logistics. With SiB Solutions’ proven Intelligent Video and AI Services, you are one step closer to flawless logistics – every day.

Seeing is Believing: Now is the Time for Flawless Logistics. In 45 minutes or less, we will explore how our Intelligent Video and AI Services offer unparalleled visibility into your manual or automated logistics operation, and how you can use it to have true visual evidence of your warehouse operations.

With true visual insights you can embark on a journey towards the remarkable 0% error rate in logistics. In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. Why searchable video is a superpower when dealing with customer complaints. Use the power of quickly seeing goods that have left or come into your warehouse, and that the customer has complained about.
  1. How to use searchable video to improve your operations by using fact-based improvements saving frustration, time, and money, all with visual insights.
  2. What is the specific value of searchable video; KPIs and success stories.

We’ll end with a fast-paced Q&A session. If improving efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing customer satisfaction is important to you and your business, then reviewing our webinar is for you!

P.s. Logistics-intensive companies no longer must be stuck in the supply chain blame game. Effortlessly add searchable video to your existing transaction logs. Seeing is Believing - welcome!

Date: On Demand

Time: On Demand

Featuring: John Curtis, JEC Consulting Services, Operations Executive & Staffan Persson, Co-founder and Global Presales Director , SiB Solutions & Derek Gant, VP of Sales and Business Development, SiB Solutions

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**Please note that there is no dial-in option for attendees. The webcast audio will be heard through your computer's speakers. If the audio is still not loud enough for you, headphones are recommended**


John Curtis, JEC Consulting Services, Operations Executive

John has more than 30+ years of full P&L responsibility for Global & Regional Networks supporting warehousing, distribution, transportation, 3rd party logistics, sales, purchasing and customer service functions.

His success includes improving business operations, driving operational excellence, and significantly increasing profitability in various Global operations.

Staffan Persson, Co-founder and Global Presales Director , SiB Solutions

Staffan PerssonCo-founder and Global Presales Director at SiB Solutions. Former logistics manager for an international shipping company and 20+ years as a WMS consultant with extensive knowledge and passion for digitalization and business improvement. Staffan can be reached at

Derek Gant, VP of Sales and Business Development, SiB Solutions

Derek Gant is the VP of Sales and Business Development for SiB Solutions in the USA.  A long-time entrepreneur with a strong focus on customer success and solving critical business problems in the areas of service, software, and logistics.  Derek can be reached at