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Vital Learnings:

  • Discover how AI is enabling media management platforms to rapidly surface any video clip in seconds. Even vast libraries are quickly transformed into searchable archives, which can be accessed & streamed directly into Adobe tools… all with zero download of media.
  • The power and impact of AI on post-production is enabling organizations to efficiently create, reuse, monetize, and manage media assets to boost creative quality and drive new revenue streams. 
  • Automation of post-production workflows reduce manual tasks, speed up production times and increase media output. 

This discussion will also weave through the differences between general AI and generative AI and determine which new AI trends will impact future workflows. 

Key Questions Answered

  • How can AI make media archives rapidly searchable? 
  • How can AI-powered video archive management reduce manual workloads?
  • What efficiency impacts can automation have on media workflows?
  • What are the differences between “General” and “Generative AI”?
  • How can I leverage AI to drive new revenue from the media archive?
  • What is the ROI potential of the AI media revolution?

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Time: On Demand

Featuring: Paul Nicholson, Former SVP Production, Operations & Technology, Showtime Networks & David Katz , Media Executive, Consultant & Ian McPherson , Global Strategy Leader – Media & Entertainment, Amazon Web Services (AWS) & Michael Gamböck, Principal Manager Eco System Video, Adobe

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Paul Nicholson, Former SVP Production, Operations & Technology, Showtime Networks

Paul Nicholson is a growth-minded Media Production Executive with over 18 years of expertise in Creative Production Management, Operations, and harnessing Emerging Technologies. As a Production Technology Innovator, Paul has a proven track record of maximizing ROI for multi-million-dollar budgets, strategically aligning marketing and tech resources.  

Paul’s role as a Creative Operations Leader has honed his skills in decisive and compassionate leadership, helping him build highly effective teams and transform processes for optimal performance. Paul is a tenured expert at driving innovation and delivering immediate tangible value to an organization`s success. 

David Katz , Media Executive, Consultant

As an Advisor and Consultant to several media AI start-ups, David Katz provides strategic guidance, product direction, go-to-market context, and industry connections. He currently works with several companies from Seed to Growth stage across entertainment, media, and technology.  

At Paramount, David managed the digital business, strategy, and operations for CBS Media Ventures, and transformed major television brands into thriving digital businesses. 

Katz received his MBA in Media, Entertainment, and Finance from NYU’s Stern School of Business and his BA in English from the University of California at Santa Barbara. 

Ian McPherson , Global Strategy Leader – Media & Entertainment, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Ian is the head of Global Strategy for Media Supply Chain and Archive at AWS. In his 9 years at AWS Ian has held leadership roles in marketing and partner development in the Media and Entertainment vertical, delivering a wide range of customer and industry innovations for cloud-based workflowsIan brings more than 20 years of experience in media, entertainment, and telecommunications in executive marketing, product management, and business development rolesHe holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Cal Poly, and a Master’s degree in Communication Management from the University of Southern California.

Michael Gamböck, Principal Manager Eco System Video, Adobe

Michael Gamböck works with Adobe strategic partners and the global Adobe ecosystem. Additionally, Michael consults closely with Adobe engineering, product management, and management to grow the usage of Creative Cloud Video products. Michael developed and manages the worldwide Adobe Video Solution partner program, which delivers value-added services to Adobe clients and helps customers build better workflows with our partners.

Michael has been in the industry since 1994 in roles at Bavaria Film, Studio Babelsberg TMT, Annova, Getty Images, Avid, P+S Technik and others. He has a deep understanding of all aspects of the Media and Entertainment Industry, from technology and management to creative processes.